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Flotation Tire and Wheel Sets

Reduce the ground pressure of your machine with flotation tire and wheels!

We customize our flotation tire and wheel sets to your machine, application and budget. We leverage features from all of the major tire brands, custom wheel products, and our expertise to deliver the best possible solution!


What we offer

Features that perform


Brand Neutral

Each tire brand offers unique performance features that stand out in different applications. We leverage our broad range of brands to find the correct tire to maximize your machine.


Tire Inventory

Finding the correct tire for the job only works when the tire is available. That is why we keep stock on a range of unique tires! 


Wheel Solutions

Wheels are essential for fitment of custom tire packages on equipment. We offer a full range of ag wheels to fit your application. Whether you need adjustable wheels or custom plate wheels we can find the right wheel the first time!


Equipment Expertise/Experience

Since we are constantly innovating, we are familiar with ag equipment and the unique tasks that different tires would be suited for. Count on us to reccommend the right set of tires the first time!

Flotation Solutions

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