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Used Tire and Wheels

We buy and sell used tire and wheel products. This provides economically priced tires and wheels for a variety of applications! Whether you are looking to buy or sell we can help!


What we offer

Features that perform


Consignment Sales

Have a set of tires you no longer need? We leverage our reach of customers to match your used product to a customer in need. 



Whether you need to upgrade your tire set or have a set you no longer need, we can provide a trade in! Don't settle when it comes to your tires.


Equipment Expertise/Experience

While we are constantly innovating, we understand that sometimes a less expensive tire set is all that is needed. Our equipment expertise allows us to match used tires and wheels to your machine to not hinder machine performance. 

Used Tire/Wheel Email List

A monthly email list with all of our used tire and wheel products in stock or on consignment. 

102 117th ave. NE Salem, OR 97317


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