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Wheel Fabrication/Repair

We offer custom wheel fabrication and repair in house! This provides you with solutions that perform for your operation and are easy on the checkbook!


What we offer

Features that perform


Wheel Repurposing

We offer replacing wheel centers for plate wheels! This allows us to re-purpose wheels for different machines. 


Sandblast and Powdercoat

We can make your used or repaired wheel look new by sandblasting and repowdercoating! This removes any rust or impurities and puts a fresh coat on your wheel!


Custom Disks/Extensions

We can custom fabricate conversion disks and hub extensions to your specification. This facilitates unique tire fitments or cropping programs!


Wheel Repair

We offer full wheel repair! Small stress cracks or full wheel center failures can all be fixed for a fraction of the cost of new. 

Wheel Fabrication

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